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Rail discount cards

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Weltmeister Bahncard 25
Of the various discount cards that German Rail offer, the one likely to appeal most to fans going to Germany for the World Cup is the special Weltmeister Bahncard 25.
19 euros or £14
For a one-off price of €19 or £14 the Weltmeister Bahncard 25 gives you 25% discount on standard fares.  If you use it for a return journey over a weekend and travel in a group of 6 or more, the total discount can add up to 62.5%.

Must buy before June 9
The Weltmeister Bahncard 25 must be bought before June 9th.  It is initially valid until the end of July, but its period of validity will extend by one month for every round of the finals tournament that Germany manage to get through (if they win the World Cup, the Weltmeister Bahncard 25 remains valid until December 31).

German Rail UK

There are some more details about the Weltmeister Bahncard 25 halfway down
this page on the UK version of the German Rail website.

The Weltmeister Bahncard 25 can be bought from the London German Rail office on 08702 43 53 63.

Standard BahnCards

German Rail (Deutsche Bahn) offers three standard discount cards, giving 25%, 50% or 100% respectively off the price of tickets.  The cards are called:

BahnCard 25

BahnCard 50

BahnCard 100

How the Bahncard works
You pay a one-off price for the card and then get 25%, 50% or 100% off the rail tickets you buy.  The BahnCard 100 giving you 100% off costs €3,000 (second class) and is clearly meant for people doing a lot of rail travel throughout the year, not for football fans!

The BahnCard 25 = 25% discount and costs €50 (second class).

The BahnCard 50 = 50% discount and costs €200 (second class).

As mentioned above, for visitors to Germany just for the World Cup, the special Weltmeister Bahncard 25 looks the best bet.  Depending on how many games you're going to, you may also want to look at Weltmeister tickets, the Weltmeister Pass, the German Rail Pass or EurRail pass (if you're from outside the EU) or the Eurodomino Pass or InterRail pass (if you're a EU resident).

Free onward travel
You can also travel on from the railway station to your final destination, e.g. your hotel, (and back) for free on local public transport in 10 of the 12 World Cup venues if you have a BahnCard and your train journey to the venue was 100km or more.  Your ticket is then valid for onward travel by bus, tram or underground in the following cities:

Berlin  Tariff zone A VBB
Cologne Tariff area 2100 VRS
Dortmund Tariff areas 37 and 38  VRR
Frankfurt Tariff area 5000 (excl. airport) RMV
Gelsenkirchen Tariff area 26 VRR
Hamburg Greater Hamburg area  HVV
Hanover Hanover Ticket zone  GVH
Munich  Inner Munich area  MVV
Nuremberg Tariff zones 100/200 VGN
Stuttgart  Tariff zones 10 and 20 VVS
(Not Kaiserslautern or Leipzig)

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