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Travel : Rail

InterRail and Eurail

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If you want the flexibility to travel beyond the borders of Germany during the World Cup period, an InterRail pass can give you that freedom (full details from the Rail website). 

InterRail gives you unlimited second-class rail travel in every country of Europe, excluding the one in which you live, plus North Africa.

Six options of time and place
You can buy InterRail passes (from Rail for 16 or 22 days or for a full month. 

In terms of territory, you can buy a pass for 1 InterRail zone (e.g. Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and Austria), 2 zones (e.g. that first one, plus France, Luxembourg, Holland & Belgium), or for the full area.


Age 12-26

Age 26+

Age -12

1 zone, 16 days




2 zones, 22 days




All zones, 1 month




Prices for UK residents, correct as at January 2006.

For full details see the Europe website.

See also our page about the Eurodomino Pass.

Surcharges and seat reservations
Full details of applicable surcharges are listed here.
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Like InterRail, the Eurail Pass is also operated jointly by 17 railway companies across Europe, led in this venture by SNCF, the French national rail operator.  While InterRail is sold via Rail, Eurail is available online only from Rail

The Eurail deal differs somewhat from InterRail, but has some similarities, in that you can choose to travel over a variety of different periods, i.e. 15 days to 3 months (Eurail details from Rail

Eurail Selectpass
There are also a number variants on the main Eurail Pass, called Eurail Selectpass (details here on the Europe website), that let you travel for a given number of days, consecutive or non-consecutive, on the rail networks of any one Eurail / InterRail zone (i.e. group of 3-5 countries).

Eurail Germany-Benelux Pass

The best deal for travel around Germany during the World Cup may, however, be a cut-down version of the Eurail Pass that is now available, covering just Germany and the Benelux countries, i.e.Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg (see Rail 

Unlike the full Eurail Pass, you can choose to buy a first or second class ticket for this one.  Like the Select Pass, this pass is also based on unlimited travel on a given number of days, consecutive or not, within any 2-month period.


All of Europe

1st class


2nd class

15 days


5 days


21 days


6 days


1 month


8 days


Prices are for adults (12+).  Correct as at January 2006. Children 4-11 pay half fare.

For more details see the Rail website

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