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Self-catering in Germany

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There is a wide variety of self-catering accommodation available in Germany, ranging from luxury apartments in Berlin, to cottage rentals in the countryside, vacation homes in Frankfurt to holiday parks in verdant woodland.

Top self-catering providers
The World Cup in Germany has teamed up
with three of Europe's top providers of holiday homes, Euro Relais, Interhome and Hoseasons Holidays.  Between them they offer thousands of vacation rentals and holiday park properties.

Holiday cottages in Germany
Euro Relais is a Belgian company that has been in the holiday cottage business since 1980.  The company now has over 5,000 homes on its books in 14 countries throughout Europe.  You can browse the Euro Relais selection of holiday cottages in Germany - and book online - via our special Euro Relais page.

Interhome offers 20,000 quality flats and houses in 15 countries across Europe, and in Florida. In Germany alone, Interhome has over 1,000 properties.  All are checked on a regular basis. They are displayed by destination and can all be booked online, with all of the details in English.
An Interhome property in rural Germany

World Cup
Interhome has direct links set up on their website direct to properties convenient for all 12 World Cup venues.

We've also had good reports from some fellow fans on Hoseasons Holidays.  They have 45 holiday lodges and parks on their books throughout Germany.  Hoseasons Holidays is a UK-based company, and comes highly recommended.

Listed below are links to a selection of Hoseseasons parks, with the distance in miles to two or three World Cup venues:

Bitburg: Cologne 65, Kaiserlautern 68, Frankfurt 97 
Waldbrunn: Stuttgart 48, Frankfurt 49, Kaiserslautern 59 
Silbersee: Frankfurt 62, Hanover 99, Cologne 101 
Himmelberg: Kaiserslautern 41, Frankfurt 80, Cologne 82 
Leiwen: Kaiserslautern 49, Frankfurt 84, Cologne 75 
Hayingen: Stuttgart 71, Munich 96  
Linstow: Berlin 88, Hamburg 98, Hanover 138  
Extertal: Hanover 36, Dortmund 67, Gelsenkirchen 
Tennenbronn: Stuttgart 56, Kaiserslautern 89, Frankfurt 134  
Frankenau: Frankfurt 109, Dortmund 111, Cologne 137 
Kirchheim: Frankfurt 68, Dortmund 96, Hanover 109 
Mirow-Granzow: Berlin 58, Hamburg 117, Leipzig 137 
Missen: Berlin 61, Leipzig 75, Hanover 188 
Ronshausen: Frankfurt 76, Hanover 99, Dortmund 103  
Grossschoenau: Leipzig 105, Berlin 118  
Glocknerhof: Nuremberg 65, Munich 88, Leipzig 143  
Kroev: Kaiserslautern 46, Cologne 66, Frankfurt 72  
Daun: Cologne 51, Kaiserslautern 65, Frankfurt 84  
Schoenwald: Stuttgart 64, Kaiserslautern 96, Frankfurt  
Oberhambach: Kaiserslautern 33, Frankfurt 76, Cologne 85  
Viechtach: Nuremberg 87, Munich 87, Leipzig 87

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