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Nuremberg : City

Nuremberg by rail

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Nuremberg 'Hauptbahnhof' (main station) is the largest railway station in northern Bavaria and one of the 20 largest in Germany.  It's a through station and lies both on a central railway axis from North to South (Berlin-Leipzig-Munich) and from East to West (Prague-Frankfurt am Main).

The station is also the hub for local public transport.   

Nuremberg main station is located across the road from one of the gates in the old city walls, through which it's a five minute stroll into the main pedestrianised central shopping area and 20 minutes or so from the castle.  The stadium is 3 miles out of the centre and best reached by public transport (see City centre to stadium).

Local transport
In addition to buses and trams, Nuremberg's public transport system also has 2 underground lines (soon to be 3) and 3 metro (S-Bahn) lines.  The underground (line 2) links the airport to the city centre, making Nuremberg only the second city in Germany (after Berlin) with a direct underground train link to its aiport.  The S-Bahn (metro or light urban rail system) is essentially a local commuter train service.  All of the local transport services are operated as part of the VGN (The Greater Nuremberg Public Transport Partnership).  The VGN public transport planner
is very good - it understands the English spelling of Nuremberg and the word stadium. But 'station' stumps it, so enter 'hbf' for 'Hauptbahnhof'. 


Nuremberg main station

Mainline Services
Nuremberg main station offers direct connections to 9 of the other 11 cities hosting World Cup games - and the other 2 (Gelsenkirchen & Kaiserslautern) can be reached with one change.  See
German rail journey planner and details below:

Nuremberg to / from other World Cup cities by rail:

  • Frankfurt, c. 2 hrs 5 mins 
  • Hamburg, c. 4 hrs 15 mins
  • Cologne, c. 4 hrs 30 mins  
  • Hanover, c. 2 hrs 55 mins 
  • Leipzig, c. 3 hrs 15 mins 
  • Munich, c. 1 hrs 40 mins 
  • Stuttgart, 2 hrs 15 mins 
  • Dortmund, c. 5 hrs 45 mins 
  • Berlin*, c. 4hrs 50 mins
  • Gelsenkirchen, c. 4 hrs 30 mins (via Duisburg) 
  • Kaiserslautern, c. 3 hrs 50 mins (via Stuttgart) 

    * Berlin Ostbahnhof

     Map of station location

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