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Munich : Stadium

The Allianz Arena

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The Allianz Arena is a space-age new stadium shared by Munich's two professional clubs, Bayern and 1860.  It's about five miles north of the city centre, at the junction of the A9 and A99 motorways (see also City centre to the stadium and map of the stadium location). 

Walking up the esplanade to the arena
Each panel can glow red, blue or white

The Allianz Arena is a 66,000 all-seater stadium.  For Bundesliga games, however, 5,200 seats are flipped up to allow a total of 6,800 fans to stand in the 'popular' areas at either end.  3,200 seats are then not allowed to be sold in other areas of the ground, leaving the capacity - as for all-seater games - unchanged at 66,000 cheering fans.

Stadium of light
The stadium's outer shell is made up of over 2,800 huge polythene-like bubbles, each of which is constantly
inflated with dried air.  Each of the bubbles can be lit up in red, blue or white (mainly blue when 1860 are playing and red when Bayern are at home - those being their colours).

The stadium is surrounded by a wide concourse and approached up gently sloping pathways from the coach park and Fröttmaning underground station.  Beneath this 'esplanade' is a multi-storey car park with capacity for 10,500 cars, making it Europe's largest car park.

The outer shell towers over the concourse

Allianz buys naming rights for 30 years
The stadium is owned 50% each by the two clubs and cost €340m to build.  The local authority also spent around €210m
developing the surrounding infrastructure, which included upgrading the underground / suburban rail station, broadening one motorway and adding a new exit for another.  Naming rights for 30 years were sold to the Allianz insurance company (although FIFA will not be allowing use of the Allianz name in official publicity during the World Cup).

An Aussie and a Brit make Arena records
The stadium was opened with a friendly between 1860 Munich and 1 FC Nuremeberg on 30th May 2005, in which 1860's Australian
former Bristol City striker Paul Agostino scored the first goal in the new Arena. The first league game to take place in the stadium was the opening match of the 2005/06 Bundesliga season, in which Bayern ran out 3-0 winners against Borussia Mönchengladbach with England midfielder Owen Hargreaves scoring the first goal in competitive football in the Arena.

The 1972 Olympic Stadium

The Olympic Stadium that the Allianz Arena replaced remains part of Munich's Olympic complex, built for the 1972 Games (Bayern used the stadium from 1972 to 2005, while 1860 didn't start using it until 1994.  Until then - and for much of the 2004/05 season - they played at the Grünwalder Stadium, where their club offices are still located.  

Roof-top tours

The Olympic Stadium is still used for athletics events and concerts, and the tent-like, perspex-look roofing over half of the stadium and parts of the surrounding complex retains its futuristic appearance even now.  If you have a head for heights you can take a
'mountaineering' trip up and over the stadium roof, which, by the way, is now officially a listed structure.  The Olympic complex will also serve as Munich's official 'fan park', with giant open-air screens etc, during the World Cup.

For more on guided tours (at ground level and on the roof!) of the Olympic Stadium see our Munich sights 2 page.  Details of the fan park will be added to this site when all arrangements are announced.

Allianz Arena official website (in English)

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The Allianz Arena
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