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Special World Cup tickets

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Weltmeister fares
German Rail (Internat. Guests) has produced two special fares for the World Cup: Weltmeister tickets, and the Weltmeister pass.

They have also launched a short-term version of the Bahncard 25 discount rail card (details of the Weltmeister Bahncard 25).

Cheap World Cup returns
In addition to the Weltmeister tickets explained below, German Rail are also selling low cost returns via their Surf & Rail promotion.  Unlike the Weltmeister ticket, you don't need to have a match ticket to buy a Surf & Rail World Cup Special return.  Surf & Rail details here.

The Weltmeister Ticket
The Weltmeister ticket provides cut-price rail travel to and from an individual game.  Depending on the distance involved, tickets are priced € 54 (£43), € 74 (£57) or € 90 (£69).  All tickets are for 2nd class travel.

Only available with a match ticket
The Weltmeister ticket is valid only in association with a valid match ticket (which also covers your use of local public transport in the city staging the game).  Tickets will be available for purchase at any time until the end of the tournament (including return travel from the final on either Monday 10th or Tuesday 11th July).  The first day of travel allowed with these tickets is June 7th (you can buy these tickets online and print them out yourself: click 'Internat. Guests' on this page.

Distance categories
The Weltmeister tickets are priced according to the distance involved, as follows:

  • Up to 200km = € 54 (or £43) 
  • 201 - 350km = € 74 (or £57) 
  • Over 350km = € 90 (or £69)

The small print
Weltmeister tickets are valid for one month between two set points.  No diversions are allowed.  Use of night trains is subject to a surcharge.

The Weltmeister Pass
This network rail pass is valid on the entire German Rail network from 7th June to 11th July.  Unlike the Weltmeister tickets, you do not need to be in possession of a match ticket to travel on this pass.  Also unlike the individual tickets, the pass is available for first class as well as second class travel.  Prices are as follows:

  • Weltmeister Pass - 1st class = € 549 (or £396) 
  • Weltmeister Pass - 2nd class = € 349 (or £255)
The small print
Weltmeister passes are valid for any number of journeys and can be used for travel on night trains subject to a surcharge.  The passes are not transferable. Click the image below for a scanned image of an actual pass and a translation of the German notes about pass vailidity printed on it:

How to buy
These tickets are available by phone from German Rail in the UK:

  • Tel.: 08702 43 53 63

Lines open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.  National rates apply.  Seat reservations can also be made on this number, although not until 3 months prior to the date of travel.  For more information, see German Rail's UK website.

Buy Weltmeister Pass in euros & save €€€s
If you want to save money by buying at the euro prices (the 2nd class Weltmeister Pass works out around 20 quid cheaper in euros than it is in sterling - even with a poor exchange rate, my credit card charge was only £244, an £11 saving) you can buy online. 

There is a simple enquiry form in English on the German version of the Deutsche Bahn website.  If you fill that in and send it off, they'll call you back and organise your purchase. 

Buy Weltmeister Pass online now
If you want to buy the pass in euros online now, without waiting for them to call you back, you will need to tackle the German-only online ticket shop on the Deutsche Bahn website.  But fear not!  We've put together a step-by-step guide to buying the Pass, which you can reach via the link below.

A guide to buying a Weltmeister Pass

Surcharges and seat reservations
Full details of applicable surcharges are listed here.
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