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Weltmeister Pass - Part 1

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The actual online buying process is fairly simple.  However, first you have to register as a user of the online shop, which makes the process a bit longer.  Nevertheless, the whole thing shouldn't take you more than 5 minutes if you follow these steps closely!

1. Click here to launch the German Rail website in a new window.

2. Arrange the windows on your screen so that you can see this one and the German Rail website at the same time.
3. First let's get you registered on the German Rail site.  On the first screen you reach (a small part of it is shown above - click on the image for a larger screenshot in a new window), scroll down until you find the bold blue link called 'Zur Anmeldung' (indicated in our picture by the arrow).  This means 'This way to registration', so click the link.

4. Enter a user name where we have indicated above (next to 'Benutzername').  Then enter a password and repeat it (click above for a full-width screen shot).  Both user name and password must be at least 8 characters and are case-sensitive.  German Rail recommends that you use both letters and numbers in your password and do not include in it any element of your real name or user name.

5. Now you are asked to choose a question and answer to help verify your identity in case you ever forget your password.  Activate the drop-down menu in the 'Frage' (question) field.  We suggest you then select 'Wie lautet der Geburtsname Ihrer Mutter?', as indicated by the arrow.  This means 'What is your mother's maiden name?'.  Enter the answer in the field to the right called 'Antwort' (answer) - click for the full-width view.

6. Now enter your name, address etc. as shown in the picture above (click to enlarge and see the full screen shot; Great Britain = Grossbritannien).  It actually makes no difference whether you check the box under the heading 'Kundenbetreung' or not - but to replicate these instructions exactly, please do so.  You are merely consenting to German Rail using your data for their own 'customer support purposes'.  Having given this consent, you must then also enter your date of birth where shown.  When you're all done, click 'Anmeldung durchführen' (literally: Perform registration).

7. You're now shown your details to check your entry (click image above to enlarge).  If you need to change anything, click 'Ändern' (Edit), otherwise click 'Weiter' (Continue) as shown by the arrow above.

8. You are now offered the chance to do a variety of other things, but we'll opt here to finish the registration process, which you do by clicking 'Anmeldung abschliessen' (Finish registration).

9. At the next screen, click the link for 'Monatskarten / Interrail / SWT', which will take you to the online ticket shop.

For instructions on the final stage of the process, click here.

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