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Weltmeister Pass - Part 2

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As you have reached this page, I assume you have registered on the German Rail website?  If not, you need to do so, and you'll find full instructions on how to do this here.  If you've registered already, then proceed as follows:

10. At this next screen, click 'Weltmeister-Pass' on the left-hand menu (as with all the images on this page, click on it for a fuller view of the screen concerned).

11. Now, assuming you want a 2nd class pass, click 'Bestellen' (Order) to the right of '349,00 EUR' (remember the Germans use commas as the decimal point, so this means €349.00).

12. Now you are asked to enter your first and last names.  So enter these and click 'Bestellen' again.

13. Now you are shown the contents of your 'basket'.  'Menge' means quantity, 'Angebot' in this context means 'product', 'Einzelpreis' unit price and 'Gesamtpreis' total price.  The line about €48.14 is simply showing you that the price includes this amount of tax.  To proceed to the check-out, click 'Zur Kasse' (which amazingly means: 'To the check-out').

14. Now you find out why you had to register!  To make the purchase you have to sign on.  You are asked here for your user name and password.  So enter the user name and password you just registered and click 'Login'.

15.  You are now again shown what you have ordered and your personal details.  Under 'Bezahlung' (Payment) you can now enter your type of credit card (Kreditkarte), its number and expiry date.  Then press 'Bestellen'.

16.  Once your payment has been accepted, you are shown a screen confirming your purchase.  This includes your order number, which it may be wise to note, the total price you paid and a summary again of your personal details.  I would suggest printing out this screen.  It then asks you 'for your own security' to use the 'Logout' button to exit the online ticket shop.

At about this stage, you'll receive 2 e-mails.  One welcomes you as a newly registered online customer of German Rail and the second confirms your order.

A short time later, you will receive your pass by post.  To see what this will look like, just click on the snippet below for an enlarged image, plus a translation of the German printed on it (thanks to Ian Wood for the scanned image of his pass!).

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