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Gelsenkirchen : City
Gelsenkirchen - Overview
Gelsenkirchen with Arena in background
The only one of the 12 venues for the 2006 World Cup where the name of the city is not synonymous with the host club.  Hosts in this case are German football giants Schalke 04, and the stadium is the impressive, futuristic Arena AufSchalke, seen with the roof closed to the top right of this picture.

Aug 21, 2004, 00:40

Gelsenkirchen : Host club
Schalke 04 - Overview
Walk around the sports department of any big department store in Germany and as well as scarves and shirts for the local club, you'll find kit and memorabilia for two others: Bayern Munich - as you might expect - and Schalke 04, perhaps surprisingly to most footy fans elsewhere.

Jan 2, 2005, 18:29

Gelsenkirchen : Stadium
The Veltins Arena
The Arena AufSchalke in Gelsenkirchen
The Veltins Arena, home to Schalke 04, is one of the most modern stadia in Europe, with a retractable roof and a floating pitch that is slid out into the car park to expose it to the elements in between games.

With capacity for international matches of over 53,500, the Arena will stage group games and a quarter-final match in the World Cup.

Dec 21, 2004, 19:26

Gelsenkirchen : Stadium
City centre to stadium
So, you've found your way to Gelsenkirchen ... now what's the best way of getting to the ground?
Jan 16, 2005, 14:03

Gelsenkirchen : City
Gelsenkirchen by air
Gelsenkirchen has no airport of its own - but there are plenty to choose from in the region.  This page gives you the low-down.
Jan 16, 2005, 14:23

Gelsenkirchen : City
Gelsenkirchen by rail
With plans underway for major renovation work to the main station and the light urban railway station at the stadium, travel by rail to Gelsenkirchen should be smooth and convenient for games at the Arena AufSchalke.
Jan 15, 2005, 23:18

Gelsenkirchen : City
Gelsenkirchen by road
Details of the main motorways to take to and from Gelsenkirchen, distances in kilometres and miles, plus links to our route planner and pages on driving in Germany.
Dec 29, 2004, 18:04

Gelsenkirchen : City
Gelsenkirchen fan park
The fan park in Gelsenkirchen will be in Schalke's former, tradition-steeped home, the Glückauf-Kampfbahn - with room for 22,000 fans to watch the games on the big screen with a genuine stadium atmosphere!
Jan 10, 2006, 20:58

Gelsenkirchen : Host club
Schalke 04 club records
Seven times German champions - but never since 1958 ... when will the sleeping giant awake?
Jan 2, 2005, 21:32

Gelsenkirchen : Stadium
Stadium gallery 1
Shots of the futuristic Arena AufSchalke.
Dec 21, 2004, 14:31

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